Saturday, October 25, 2008


My nickname is KrochetGurl, you may know me from msn groups, and yahoo groups. I am a crocheter, of over 50 years, and still leaning new techniques.

As of this November I will be knitting 1 year. It has gone by really fast. I've only made a few things like dish cloths, a 2T sweater, and socks. I haven't learned to knit in the round yet, but that is my next project in a KAL with a yahoo group. I am curently knitting a pair of socks for myself. ( Picture Above ) This being my 3rd pair to knit. I've also dabbled in a bit of designing. I made the Water Lily flower, and it is free at my yahoo 360 blog, along with a thread holder.

I am a bit disappoints along with many others that msn groups are closing, but I understand that they are going to have Windows Live Groups November 17th. I know a lot of the groups are already setting up else where. Oh well, just have to follow where they lead me. LOL
That's all my ranbling for now.
Thread n stitches

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