Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Butterfly Hat free Ravelry download

I made this Butterfly hat; a free downloadable pattern at Ravelry.  Here is the link if you are
interested in making one.  It is so easy I am on my second hat without even using the directions.

I love this design, and gifted it to my dear sister in law that is going though chemo.  The hat is so easy, fast, and fun to make. 


Wednesday, January 20, 2016


New hats I just finished for my SIL that is going through
chemo treatments. 

Crocheted Valentine Hat I just made this
morning.  It has been entered into the
Valentine Theme in my group at Thread_n_Stitches
Yahoo group.  If you come and request to join
you must return the questionnaire filled out, or you
will not be approved to join my group.  I do have people
request that will not return the questionnaire, I supposed
they do not read the home page, or they would know it.
There is a Yahoo logo on the right side of this page
below you can click on and just visit my home page.
We are a private group.

Not sure who will get this hat, or if I will keep it.
It is a paid pattern called Hats for Healing by
Carri Hammett  I really like this design, and
it can be worn by anyone.

These two hats are Chemo hats I made for my youngest
SIL that is going through treatments.

Made this hat and mitten set for my older SIL, and it turned out too big for her. Oh well, as it is said; "It the thought that counts"
The last picture is a scrubby I knitted with the new Red Heart Scrubby thread.  I could not crochet with it, but knit was easy.  I just CO 17 sts, and knit to the end turned and knit until the scrubby was square.

I plan to start another knit hat soon.  I do love to knit. :)

Have a great day!