Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Miniature Picot Lace Doily

Hello Friends,

Today is July 1st. and just a few month's left to get all our Christmas crocheting done.  I have been shopping for the past 6 month's for our grandchildren, and I have one large tub full of things already.  Actually I started right after Christmas when there was still some really good things on Clearance.
Last week I went to Hobby Lobby looking for something, and saw they had a lot of good craft things on the clearance wall.  To my surprise there was a set of interchangeable hook's for a bit over $10.  I put what I was going to buy back, and
bought one.  I have been wanting a set forever seems like. 

I am still knitting on my afghan, and it is growing I will soon begin on the 4th. ball of yarn.  But, I couldn't wait until I got the afghan made before I used one of the hooks, so I saw that Cylinda Matthews had shared one of her little patterns, so I got out my set, choose the size 8 hook, and away I went making the little doily.
It is called Miniature Picot Lace Doily, and can be found here:

If you are looking for a little doily, something fast to make this is a good one.  I use little doilies on my wall shelves.

I used Aunt Lydia Coral, size 10 thread, and the size hook suggested. 

Thank you for stopping by, and come visit me again.