Saturday, October 6, 2012


Beginner Snowflake
Designed by: Katheryn Garner
Oct 3, 2012

Supplies: # 10 thread, size 7 hook
Stitches: ch,(chain) sl st (slip stitch) hdc, (half double crochet) dc, (double crochet) trc, (triple crochet) sc, (single crochet)


1. Chain 4, sl st to join to make a ring. 

2. Chain 5, dc in ring, (ch 3, dc in ring) repeat 4 times, ending with ch 3, sl st in second ch st to join. ( 6 ch 3 spaces)

3. Sc, hdc, dc, trc, dc, hdc, sc, in ch 3 space. Repeat 5 times. Sl st to join.

4. Ch. 5, dc in next trc, ch 4, sl st in the dc just made. Ch 5, sc in between next 2 sc, repeat from the beg. around. Join with a sl st at base of lst sc. 

5. 5 sc in lst ch 5 space, *sc in next ch 4 space, (ch 4, sc,) repeat 3 times in same ch 4 space. 5 sc in each of the next 2 ch 5 spaces.* repeat from * to * around ending with 5 sc in last ch 5 space. Join, finish off.

Hope you enjoy this little snowflake.  Please link back to my blog if you share this pattern in your group, or with a friend.  Do not copy, and post to any group. 
Katheryn Garner