Friday, October 27, 2017

Made another Pillowcase Doll

Hi Family, and friends,

Sorry, I haven't written in a good while, but I have been busy making dishcloth's for the church sale.  We have a learn a stitch weekly in my group, and I've been making them for a few month's now.

A friend gave me a couple pillowcase doll kits, and I made one of them yesterday.  I bought some 8X8 squares from a friend to embroidery, and may work on them this winter when we are snowed in.
There are 6 pkg's of 6 squares each.  Should be enough to make a small quilt.

We got a new grandson October 15, 2016.  He sure is sweet, and had so much fun taking his cup cake apart at his 1 year old party.  He loves to ride on his papa's scooter, and golf cart.  He just loves to ride.

Sharing a couple pictures.