Friday, October 27, 2017

Made another Pillowcase Doll

Hi Family, and friends,

Sorry, I haven't written in a good while, but I have been busy making dishcloth's for the church sale.  We have a learn a stitch weekly in my group, and I've been making them for a few month's now.

A friend gave me a couple pillowcase doll kits, and I made one of them yesterday.  I bought some 8X8 squares from a friend to embroidery, and may work on them this winter when we are snowed in.
There are 6 pkg's of 6 squares each.  Should be enough to make a small quilt.

We got a new grandson October 15, 2016.  He sure is sweet, and had so much fun taking his cup cake apart at his 1 year old party.  He loves to ride on his papa's scooter, and golf cart.  He just loves to ride.

Sharing a couple pictures.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


This stitch is called CRAZY SHELL STITCH.  I made it into a dishcloth.

This stitch is called FAN TAIL STITCH... it is in a graph.  Also, made into a dishcloth.  I crochet a border around the cloth.

This stitch is called BEAN STITCH.  Also, made into a dishcloth.  Did not need a border.  It seemed to create it's own border.

This stitch is called BLOCK STITCH SQUARE.  I really enjoyed making this square, and takes
variegated yarn really well. 

This stitch is called the BOX STITCH.  I couldn't find a pattern just a video to follow.
This stitch is the INTERLOCKING STITCH.. I liked it so much I made two in different variegated colors.  The tutorial the lady is using different colors and creating a beautiful cloth.  I thought the variegated yarn was just as pretty.   The beginning chain if you don't know how to make it she has
a site you can go to and get her tutorial.

This stitch is the V STITCH... There are different ways to make the V STITCH, but this girl made it so simple I just had to try her method out.  I used two colors of cotton yarn, and had oodles of tails to work in.  I bordered it to help with those end.  I think this pattern would be also great in a variegated color.  It is also in a Tutorial.

This stitch is the DIAMOND TRELLIS STITCH... If you are game for learning a new stitch by all means you should tackle this one.  Again there was oodles of tails to work in.

The next two cloth's I am going to share with I knitted them in a KAL in Facebook with  Lisa and Alli at Knitwits Heaven.  We just finished a KAL, and made a cloth with a Rooster design.  Anyone can join in the KAL's if you are on facebook.  She hosts them every other month, and the next one will begin in September if you are interested. 
In May we made a Flower...
This month we made a Rusty Rooster Cloth..

This next cloth I crocheted myself, but have not written up the pattern.  I got the idea from a friend that had also free handed a cloth similar.  This cloth is excellent for a scrubby.   When I get the time I will make another one since this one was gifted to a friend this week.

One more cloth it is knitted.  I had never knit a round cloth, so I invited a friend to make this cloth too.  It is a free pattern on the net, but I don't remember the name of the cloth, but you might recognize it, and the designer. 

I have made several other cloth's this year, and gifted them already.  Hope you find something you would like to try yourself.  A friend help me find the link.

Thank you for stopping bye and visiting with me.

Melva Catherine

Monday, July 10, 2017

Hello Friends..

Hello friends,

I have been coming to my blog and checking to see who has been visiting me.  I have been making dishcloth's in my group with a lady that is sending links each Wednesday to LEARN A NEW STITCH.  I capitalized that so you could see the name of what we are doing.  I'm not screaming. :)

I am going to try and match up the link to each cloth I've made, and share pictures to you all, so maybe you would like to make some of them yourself.

I think I told you all that I have a new grandson.  He will be 9 month's old the 15th of July.  He is growing so fast, and learning almost faster than us old folks can keep up with him.   He is still in the crawling stage, but he has been walking holding on to things for a good while now. 

My DH is disabled, and can only walk with support, and our grandson plays with his rolling walker and pushes it around walking.  He sure has fun with it.  He thinks he has graduated his toys, and now our furniture is his toys. 

As you can see we grandma's are always bragging on our grandchildren, and I have 3 in my old age.

Group hug, they are all precious. 

Thank you for choosing my blog and stopping by for a few.... 

Melva Catherine

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mile a minute afghan free pattern by Trish Kristofferson

A beautiful mile a minute afghan by Trish Kristofferson



Monday, January 30, 2017

Kitchen Contest

One of the moderators at Thread'n'Stitches yahoo group is hosting a Kitchen Contest.  I have already added 9 pictures of things I've made to the album.  I will share some of the things I've made recentlyTwo of them are home cooked food items which I will not share. Come join in our fun. 

Our weather has been unusually warm and just cool some days.  We had one little snow flurry go through, and so far no ice which is unusual for our area of Missouri.

Spring is just around the corner, and flowers are beginning to peek their heads through the cold soil. 

Take care, and I hope you enjoy seeing my work.  Let me know by sending me a little message.  I love hearing from those that stop by my blog. 

Knit bobble stitch by someone's pattern.  I think it would make a neat scrubby cloth.   

 crocheting the bobble stitch, by Melva in our Learn a Stitch.  No pattern I just stitches this up. 

Basket Weave Cloth knit by Melva in our Learn a Stitch at Thread'n'Stitches yahoo group.

Burges doily designed by Melva, and can be
found on this blog. Very easy to crochet, so if you haven't learned the stitch here is a very simple pattern to learn by. 

 Valentine doily designed by Crochet Memories.

Google for free pattern

 Waffle dishcloth From Homespun Living

Mystery KAL with Knitwitt on facebook .  I hope to join in on the next one.  This is a Pineapple.