Monday, July 10, 2017

Hello Friends..

Hello friends,

I have been coming to my blog and checking to see who has been visiting me.  I have been making dishcloth's in my group with a lady that is sending links each Wednesday to LEARN A NEW STITCH.  I capitalized that so you could see the name of what we are doing.  I'm not screaming. :)

I am going to try and match up the link to each cloth I've made, and share pictures to you all, so maybe you would like to make some of them yourself.

I think I told you all that I have a new grandson.  He will be 9 month's old the 15th of July.  He is growing so fast, and learning almost faster than us old folks can keep up with him.   He is still in the crawling stage, but he has been walking holding on to things for a good while now. 

My DH is disabled, and can only walk with support, and our grandson plays with his rolling walker and pushes it around walking.  He sure has fun with it.  He thinks he has graduated his toys, and now our furniture is his toys. 

As you can see we grandma's are always bragging on our grandchildren, and I have 3 in my old age.

Group hug, they are all precious. 

Thank you for choosing my blog and stopping by for a few.... 

Melva Catherine