Friday, June 20, 2014

JUNE 2014 SNOWFLAKE Free Pattern

Designed by Katheryn Garner
Supplies:  Aunt Lydia size 10 White with Metallic thread.
                 Boyle 7 hook
Stitches,  sl st, ch, sc, dc, trc. 
Easy and quick to make.
Ch 4, 17 trc. in 4th ch. from hook. Join in beg ch
1.  Ch 1, sc in join. *Ch 5, skip 2 trc, sc in next trc,* repeat from * to *  around, ending with ch 2, dc in beg sc . 
2.  Ch 1, sc over leg of last dc made.  Ch 3 , sl st in sc, ( picot made) sc in same loop.  Ch 7, * sc in next ch 5 loop.  Ch 3, sl st in sc, sc in same loop, ch 7*  repeat from * to * around ending with
ch 3, trc in beg sc to join. 
3.  Ch 1, sc around leg of trc. ch 3 2 dc in same loop. * ch 3, trc  in top of the  last dc. ch 5, sl st in trc just made. ch 3, trc in same trc as before.  5 dc in next loop.* repeat from * to * around ending with 2 dc in beg. loop, join in ch 3.
4.  ch 3, * sc in next trc space.  9 dc in ch 5 loop. sc in next trc space, ch 3 skip 2 dc, sc in next dc. ch 3, * repeat from * to * around ending with ch 3, sl st in same st. as beg ch 3.
Finish off...
Designed by Katheryn Garner for personal use only.  Do not copy to any other website without my permission.  You may link back here. 
June 20, 2014

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Five Hour Doily

Hello from South East Missouri again. 
This little doily is called a 5 hr. doily and it is
designed by Della Bieber.  You can find the
pattern here:
This little doily I made with Bernat Handicrafter thread size 5 crochet thread
and size 5 boye hook.  The true color isn't showing in this pic. the color is
Linen, and a very pretty color. 
Our group Moderator hosted this CAL, and I made this with my group as our June CAL.  I will be hosting a July CAL
in my group using a small doily that won't take long to make. 
Important to joining my craft group.
I've had a few to request to join my group although they did not 
 send back the questionnaire they received when they clicked
to join.
My group is private and I want to keep my group as
safe as I possibly can, and I do think that most
people appreciate this.
I do not approve anyone that does not return the questionnaire.
I give you ample time to return the questionnaire, and even in
some circumstances write the pending member to see if they
received the questionnaire, and if they do not respond in a
couple days I assume they are not going to reply, and I then
reject their request to join my group.
Hope this helps anyone that has tried in the past to join my group, by way of this blog, and was
not approved to know the reason why.
Have a nice day!
Katheryn/ group mom at Thread'n'Stitches  Yahoo group.

Doilies from PK's 99 little doily book

This last one is from another pk book.


Snowflakes I've made this year to date..........

Some of these are ones I've designed since last August, and others are snowflakes from the web.
I do love making snowflakes, and they are just gorgeous hanging on the branches of the tree.