Friday, June 19, 2015

Hello Blogging Friends

Hello Friends,

Raining here all day, but right now has let up.  Sun looks to be trying to come out too.

I am also working on another Pillowcase Doll.  It is going to have a crinoline doll crocheted on the front of the skirt, but I just haven't gotten around to blocking all the pieces, and making the doll.
I have been quiet lately because I am knitting an afghan.  I have it big enough now to give you a picture of my WIP.  It has taken me a month and half to get it this big, and I am on my 3rd skein of yarn.

It is called Sweet Scallops Throw, and you can find it here: If for some reason that doesn't work for you then just do a search for Sweet Scallops Throw. This is a very easy pattern.  If you know knit, purl, purl 3 tog, and yo you can make it.

Hope you are all have a good crafting day. 
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