Thursday, July 10, 2014

Grandson's Christmas Afghan Finished


Sharing with you what I have been working on for the last few month's. 

I saw an afghan on the front cover of the little Bernat pattern booklet I get in the mail, and thought I do believe I could make my DGS a twin size blanket for his bed. 

What looks Brown is actually a Grey color.  Don't know why it turned out to look Brown. 

One of my friends her Son-in-law works on a River Boat, and I told her it would be so cute to make one for her grandson with Boats on it since it is ripple. 

I did not have a pattern in full detail as how to make the afghan, so I just selected a Ripple Afghan, and did a search for some little vehicle's. 

I could only find a car, truck, and fire truck.  Only 3 on this afghan are from free patterns and I made up the rest of them myself. 

There is a tractor on the 2nd row from the top which I will share a picture of it here too.  I was kind'a proud of myself for making it up without a pattern, and the rest of the vehicle's too.  Hope you enjoy viewing my creating, yet not my original idea for the afghan.