Thursday, July 10, 2014

Grandson's Christmas Afghan Finished


Sharing with you what I have been working on for the last few month's. 

I saw an afghan on the front cover of the little Bernat pattern booklet I get in the mail, and thought I do believe I could make my DGS a twin size blanket for his bed. 

What looks Brown is actually a Grey color.  Don't know why it turned out to look Brown. 

One of my friends her Son-in-law works on a River Boat, and I told her it would be so cute to make one for her grandson with Boats on it since it is ripple. 

I did not have a pattern in full detail as how to make the afghan, so I just selected a Ripple Afghan, and did a search for some little vehicle's. 

I could only find a car, truck, and fire truck.  Only 3 on this afghan are from free patterns and I made up the rest of them myself. 

There is a tractor on the 2nd row from the top which I will share a picture of it here too.  I was kind'a proud of myself for making it up without a pattern, and the rest of the vehicle's too.  Hope you enjoy viewing my creating, yet not my original idea for the afghan.  



Gramma Rita said...

Oh my goodness....your grandson is going to absolutely *love* this afghan! Beautiful work, and I love that little tractor! :)

Thread N Stitches said...

Thank you Rita, oh yes, he is going to love it. I plan to get him a couple vehicle's to play with on his afghan, or I've even been thinking about making them to go with his afghan. He is just 6 years old. I am glad you like my tractor.

Crafy Lady said...

I love the Afghan , your grandson will love it also and if taken care of will have to pass down to his child one day.

Thread N Stitches said...

yes, that is what I am hoping for, so I do plan to let him cover up with it when he comes to mom mom's, and that way when he is big enough to understand you don't destroy important things he can have it at home.