Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dishcloth and Potholder set

Dishcloth, and Potholder set
Designed by: Katheryn Garner
Oct. 24, 2010


1 ball of Peaches and Creme cotton yarn
H hook
Color: Sunflower
Size: Dishcloth 9 x 9.50


Rnd. 01: Chain 31, sc in second ch from hook ( 30 sc sts ) ch. 2 turn.
(ch 2 counts as the first dc in each rnd.....Dc in ch 2 at end of each rnd.

Rnd. 02: * Dc in front loop of the next sc, dc in the back loop of the next sc,*
repeat from * to * across row to last sc, dc in the last sc. Ch. 2, turn ( 30 dc )

Rnd. 03: * Dc in back loop of next dc, dc in front loop of next dc, * repeat from * to * across row, ch 2 turn. ( 30 dc )

Rnd. 04: * Dc in front loop of next dc, dc in back loop of next dc, * repeat from * to * across row, ch 2 turn. ( 30 dc )

Rnd. 05: ( repeat round 3 & 4 ) 6 times ( 14 rnd.'s )

Rnd. 06: ch 1 turn, 2 sc in first dc, and across next 29 dc, 3 sc in last dc. Do not turn.

Working down left side single crochet in each end row and around dc post to end. 3 single crochets in 1st chain at bottom, and sc in each ch st to last ch st, 3 sc in last sc. Turn working up right side repeat as before, sl st in first sc of the corner 3 sc to join. Finish off..

Note: Keep a count of stitches in each rnd.

Potholder: Make 2


1 ball of Peaches and Creme cotton yarn
H hook
Color: Forest Green
Size: 6 x 6.50"

Rnd. 01: Chain 21, hdc in 2nd ch from hook,  and each ch across row*. ( 20 hdc ) Ch 1 turn

Rnd. 02: * hdc in 1st hdc, and each hdc across row, ch 1 turn. Continue working rnd 02 until you have 15 rows.

Rnd. 03: Placing these squares back to back single crochet these two squares together crocheting 3 sc in each corner, ending with ch 5, sl st to make a loop for hanging. Finish off..

Note: keep a count of stitches in each rnd.

Katheryn Garner

Monday, October 18, 2010


Picture #1, how to work dropped st into row.
Picture # 2 how to join yarn.


Designed by: Katheryn Garner

Material: Small amt. of 3 balls of Cotton yarn
Hook: H/ 5.00 mm
Gauge: not important

Size: 8 x 8.5"

Skill: Easy

Colors: A: Camel B. Peppercorn Ombre

Special stitches: Single crochet in one loop of each single crochet through out the pattern. ( the loop always facing you )

Joined new yarn: (Leaving two loops on hook, pull new yarn through with a loop, working tail of new yarn into the row). See Picture # 2
How to work slanted pulled up yarn into row. See Picture #1


Rnd: 01. With color A. (Camel ) Ch. 25, turn sc in loop of 2nd ch. st. from hook, and each ch. st. across row. Ch 1, Turn
( 24 sc. on each row through out the pattern) Keep count of each round.

Rnd: 02. Sc. in 1st sc (Back loop facing you), and in each sc. st. across row. Ch. 1 Turn.

Rnd: 03. Sc in 1st sc. ( Front loop facing you) pull up loop in 2nd sc, (two loops on hook) drop color A. ( do not cut yarn ), join color B.
with a loop through the two loops on hook, working over tail of joined color B. sc in next 19 sc, pull up loop in the next st , join color A ( second ball ) with a loop working over the last two sc sts. Ch 1, Turn

Rnd: 04. Sc in 1st sc. pull up a loop in next sc, ( drop color A yarn to back) pull dropped Color B through the two loops on the hook, ( you will notice the pulled up color B will look slanted, with your hook to the right of that slanted st go under that yarn, and through the sc st loop to make your next sc.) Continue sc with color B to within the last 2 sts., drop color B, pull up color A, and sc in the last two sts. Ch 1 turn

Rnd: 05. Continue working each round as round 4 until your cloth measures the length you would like it, or for total from beginning 23 rows.

Rnd: 06: You should be working with color A at the end of round 23.
You can cut Color B here, but leave enough length to weave into cloth. Ch 1, Turn continue with color A across the 24 sc sts. You can cut the 2nd color A at this point, but leave enough yarn to weave into the cloth, Ch 1 turn with working color A, sc in next 23 sts. 3 sc in last st on row, working down the left side facing sc in each end row to the bottom, at the bottom will be your beginning chain row. Work 3 sc in lst ch st. sc in next 22 ch sts, 3 sc in last ch st. Working up the other side, sc in each end row, and 3 sc in first sc at top, sc in each sc across row, sl st to join in 1st sc of 3 sc group. Finish off, work in lose ends.

Hope you enjoy this pattern, it is actually easy to make.
Please do not share a copy of this pattern with any group without my permission. Please link back here.
If you find any errors I am only human.


Saturday, October 16, 2010


1 Ball of cotton yarn
H hook
Finished size 8"x8"
Skill: Beginner

1st rnd: Ch 25, turn, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 23 ch sts. ch 1 turn. (24 sc in each row )

2nd. rnd: Sc in back loop of lst sc st, and each sc across row, chain 1 turn.

3rd. rnd: Sc in front loop of lst sc, and each sc across row.

4th. rnd: Repeat round 2-3 until your cloth measures 8" length. Finish off

Edging: With last row facing you, join yarn in last sc, 3 sc in same place as join. Working down left side of cloth, sc in each end row to the bottom, 3 sc in 1st ch st. sc in next 22 sc, and 3 sc in last ch st. DO not turn, working up the right side sc in each row to top. 3 sc in first sc, and 1 sc in each sc across row. sl st in 1st sc of the 3sc group at beginning. Finish off....

These directions are from memory, so there may be mistkes in the directions.
I am only human, and I've only one eye open this late. LOL
Hope you enjoy this dishcloth... It was inspired by a dear friend that gifted me with a single crochet dishcloth, although our cloth's are different.