Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Crocheting Hats

Hello Family and Friends,

I have been crocheting hats.  I've made 3 adult hats, and one for my grandson.  He wanted an Iron Man Hat, so I did a search until I found one that suited him.  He can hardly wait for the temp. to get cold enough to wear.
School has been out for deer season last week, and this week.  They are sleeping over as often as mom and dad will let them, and of course us too.  They would stay here around the clock if we would allow them. :)  The adult hats I've made you can find the pattern on Ravelry ( free download ) French Vanilla Winter set.  It also has a scarf.  I will be making a couple scarves to go with the hats.  I've also made a couple spiro scrubby's.  You can find the pattern by entering in the search Spiro Scrubby by Judith Prindle 3/05.  I don't have a picture of one, so will make one to share a picture. 
Now to show you some pictures. 
Iron Man Hat

French Vanilla Hat

French Vanilla Hat and scarf set
Last year's Christmas Tree with my snowflakes.

Hat and scarf set for a friend, with scrubby, and dishcloth's. 

Hope you enjoy seeing what I am working on.