Sunday, October 11, 2009

Doodling with my beads and hook again!

Star Bead Snowflake

Star Bead Snowflake
Designed by: Katheryn Garner
October 09, 09

Material list:
Size 10 thread, #7 Boye hook
42 Beads

Finished size 3 1/2 inch

Special Stitches: sc, dc, trc, cluster st, picot, chain bead, single bead St.

Triple Crochet St: 2 loops over hook, work off 2 loops, 3 times.

Beg. Cluster Stitch: Chain 4, (leaving last trc loop on hook, thread over hook, and pull through all loops.) make 4 trc.

Cluster Stitch: 5 trc in same place, leaving last trc loop on hook, thread over, and pull through all loops.

Bead Chain St: Pull bead down to hook, thread over hook, and pull through.

Bead Single St: ( insert hook from back of stitch, thread over, pull through to the front, pull bead down to hook, thread over and complete single stitch.)

Directions: Chain 4, join in first chain st,

Rnd 01: Chain 3, ( counts as 1st dc ), 11 dc in ring. Join in top of chain 3.

Rnd 02: Ch 1, bsc in same place as join. *Chain 4, skip 1 double crochet, bsc in next double crochet.* Repeat around join in ch 1. ( 6 beads )

Rnd 03: Sl St in chain 4 space, Ch 3, 4 dc in same ch 4 space, *2 bead chain Sts, 5 dc in next ch 4 space,* repeat around, ending with 2 bead chain sts, join in top of ch 3. ( 12 beads )

Rnd. 04: Chain 4, counts as first trc, holding last loop of each trc on hook, make 4 trc over next 4 dc sts, thread over, and pull through all 5 loops on hook. ( first trc cluster st,) *1 bead chain st on top of cluster st, chain 4, trc in between the 2 beads,

Make 3 picots on top of trc st, as follows:
1st. picot: ch 1, bead chain, ch 2, picot. = same as ch 4 picot
2nd. picot: ch 2, bead chain, ch 3, picot = same as ch 6 picot
3rd. picot: ch 1, bead chain, ch 2, picot = same as ch 4 picot

Chain 4, 5 trc cluster st over next 5 dc* repeat from * to * around, ending with chain 4 join in 1st cluster st. (24 beads)

Note: Designed by Katheryn Garner, all rights to this design belong to Katheryn Garner. Do not copy pattern to another site without permission, you may link back.

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Joyce Hodnett said...

I love your beaded snow flake. Thank you for sharing with us.