Friday, October 23, 2009

Flower's in the Snow

Corrections have been made to this design by Katheryn Garner 10-27-09
Material list:
Small amt. of white #10 Aunt Lydia Crochet cotton,
# 7 Boye hook.

Finished size: 4 1/2"

Special Stitches:

3 joined picot: (Chain 4, sl st in last sc st made, ch 6, sl st in same sc st, ch 4, sl st in same sc st).
Picot: (ch 4, sl st in last sc st made).
Cluster St: ( holding last loop on hook of 3 dtrc, thread over hook and pull through all loops on hook).
DTR: double triple crochet st (thread over hook 3 times)
Trc st: 2 loops over hook


Chain 5, join to make a ring, or do the magic ring if you prefer.

Rnd. 01. Ch 7, sc in ring, repeat 4 more times, ending with ch 3, trc in ring to join. ( 6 ch 7 loops in ring )

Rnd. 02. *Ch 6, sc in same loop, ch 6 sc in next loop, ch 6, sc in same loop*. Repeat around ending with ch 6, join in base of 1st ch 6 loop. (6 ch loops, and 6 ch spaces).

Rnd. 03. * 5 hdc in first ch 6 loop*, repeat around. ( 12 loops with 5 hdc each around)

Rnd. 04. Sl st in next 3 hdc sts *Ch 6, 3 dtr cl st in same place as beginning ch 6, ch 6, sc in same place as beginning ch 6, sc in next 10 hdc sts.* repeat around. ending with, sc in same st as first ch 6, to join.

Rnd. 05. *7 sc around ch 6, sc in top of cl st, 3 joined picot in sc st at the top of the cluster st, ( refer to Special Stitches) 7 sc around next ch 6, sc in same place as first ch 6, ch 5, skip 4 sc sts, sc in next sc st, picot, (refer to Special Stitches) ch 5, sc in same place as ch 6.* Repeat around, ending with sc in same place as first ch 6. Finish off.

Starch, and Block

You can copy for personal use, and can link back to this pattern. You can make as many of these snowflakes to sell as you want to, but do not sell copies of pattern.

Designed by Katheryn Garner


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Lovely pattern. Thanks for sharing.

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