Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My First Symbol Doily What you think?

Hello Friends,
Sharing with you my first Symbol doily.  Just in time for Valentine Day.  I did not know if I could do this on my own, or not, so I just grabbed a ball of white, and started trying to figure out the pattern. To my amazement it was rather simple to do.  Lot less fuss than reading the written directions.  I have several of those old Magic, and Decorative magazines I can hardly wait to choose a design.   You can get this patter here:
It is in two sizes.  I choose the small size which to my amazement again wasn't that small at all.  I am not a fast crafter, but I do have a cotton dishcloth on my needles, and will show you when I get it made.  
Have a great day, stay safe, and warm.


Gramma Rita said...

It is beautiful! Great job! I like using the charts. It's usually easier for me to do that than to decipher some of the written directions. :)

Vikki Hooks said...

I have just discovered Japanese pattern books, they are all in diagrams. I too have found as long as I don't lose my place they are somewhat easier than the written. You did a wonderful job..love the pattern

Olga said...

I love symbol charts and always tell other crocheters to give them a try. They only look difficult at first glance. You did a great job; your doily looks wonderful!
I made the same doily recently too. It's a perfect design for Valentine's Day.

Thread N Stitches said...

Thank you Ladies, I appreciate your comments, and encouragement.

Crafy Lady said...

Love seeing your Doily. I will have to make this one.