Friday, January 30, 2015

Janurary CAL Squares for a Lapghan

Hello Friends, 

My group has been making 12 inch squares together to make a Lapghan.  You are welcome to join us, and make your own lapghan.  Our 1st square is the Creeping Trebles Square. I will get my 6th CAL square Saturday, and I will add it when I get it made.  If you would like to join us, go ahead and start making your squares.

2nd square:  Winter Dreams

3rd. square: Sunshine Jewel

4th square: Wheel Lattice

5th square:  Versailles

6th square: Amethyst

 7th square:  Sun Daze

8th square:  Flower Garden

9th square:  Flower Burst

10th square:  Cygnus

11th square:   I love the V-Stitch square 

I have bordered this square, and this is how I will be bordering all my squares to sit them together.
I will be making the 12 th. square, and when I show it I will give you the link to the border I am using. 

12th square:   Harriett Square

I plan to set my squares together with the Celtic Lace Join.
I will also share a picture of my finished Lapghan when I get it
finished.  Hope you have enjoyed seeing my squares and have been
inspired to create your own.  Let me know if you make it too.


I finished the lapghan, and it is more the size of an afghan since I used the celtic lace join.  I have been trying to add it to my blog unsuccessful until I downloaded the firefox browser.  Hope you enjoy it, and have joined us in this CAL, and you are welcome to share a picture of your finished work with us.  


Crafy Lady said...

This is going too be so nice. Love the colors. Thanks for sharing my sweet friend.

Thread N Stitches said...

Thank you for the sweet comment.
I am adding the #8 square today.