Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Things I have been making in October

Hello Friends, family, and visitors,

I have been busy this month, and haven't gotten in to post.  I just finished two
chemo hats for my youngest SIL.  One is Grey and the other is Black.  I made
her an Owl hat, and glove set which I have already given to her.  The pictures are
on my desktop computer, so I'll share pictures of them later.  They are also knitted.

I am in the process of making my DGD a gown for her American Girl Doll I got for
her birthday.  She does not know I am making the gown, so this will be a surprise to her.

Our grandson ask me the other day if I would get him something big for his birthday, and I knew he meant money wise, and I said oh yes, I am going to, so he proceeded to tell me all the things he wants. LOL.   We just have the two DGC, so unlike many of you we aren't burdened with a huge expense for the holidays, or special occasions like birthdays. 

I sure wish google would get me in the right location.  They keep me in Arkansas all the time I have no idea where they got that idea about my location, but I am in S.E. Missouri. 

The leaves are falling, and our trees are beginning to look bare.  We just shred up the leaves with our lawn mower they make a good mulch, and turn into dirt eventually.

When you come by please take a bit of time and say hello to let me know you stayed long enough to view my blog, and you are welcome to make any, or all of my free patterns.  I've seen them on pinterest, that several people have pinned there.   I haven't designed any snowflakes this year, just the doily, and I do plan to design another one this winter when I am shut in with the cold and snow. 

Take care, enjoy life, we only have one chance at it, so make it the best you can.



Faith said...

I havn't been by for a visit in a while, your dolls are gorgeous. I'll visit with you over at Pinterest. I like to leave a comment, as I appreciate them myself, I try to due diligence, it's what makes the blogger thing work. Take the time to leave a comment, it can make somebody's day.

Thread N Stitches said...

Thank you for your comment Faith.
I appreciate it when visitors leave a comment.

Faith said...

Thank you for stopping by my little place too. This is how blogger "used" to be, people visited and commented, so I always appreciate it when you take the time.
Have a great weekend.

BARBARAD said...

Love those heads, they show your nice work off very well.

Thread N Stitches said...

I have been planning to buy a couple for a long time, but just kept putting it off. Just can't hardly display a picture and show the design without one. Your hats look great without the heads though. I plan to get a set of hand forms too.

Olga said...

Very lovely hats. And I also like those doilies visible in the photo. Beautiful work!