Monday, July 18, 2016

Hello Blogging Friends,

I was looking at everyone's blog, and realized it has been 5 months since I've posted here.
I hope each one of you have had a good 2016 year.
I haven't gotten to do much crafts in about as long.  I have begun the Knit Sampler Afghan by
Red Heart.  I am on square 4.  If you are interested you can google for it.
I'm also working on my Christmas Snowflake Tablecloth, which I will show you a
picture of WIP when I get one more motif made, and joined. 
As many of you know about Yahoo being up for sale.  I have moved my group to the
io groups, and we are there as KNITTINGandCROCHET, so if you go to the io
groups and do a search you can find us easily (I hope)  We are a busy group.
My Yahoo group is still active too, but not as active as the io group.  

I'll say bye for now, and hope to talk to you sooner.
Melva Catherine

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