Tuesday, November 1, 2016

We have a new grandson!

Logan Eli Garner was born October 15th, 2016 weighted 7 lb. 2 oz.  20 inches long.
He came home with Jaundice, and a fractured collar bone.  Of course we know it is
just a cartridge, but it should have been normal, not fractured.  JMO 

But, he has another problem called
Tracheomalacia - congenital.  The doc. treating him said he has another baby that was born with the
same condition.  

I don't agree with a doc breaking the mother's water, and inducing labor
hours before she gives birth.  God did not intend for babies to come that way.
He break's the water, and then the baby comes. 

Seems like babies are born on a doctor's schedule now days instead
of the way God planned them to be born.  Well, no seems about it; they are. 

They need that extra week to fully develop, and if
there are problems then a mother knows it was to be.

Mother and baby. 

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Carole :) said...

Hey! sister friend ~ :) I finally got the chance to visit you here! Love the pic of Sara and little Logan Eli. Sure hope everything turns out okay with him in the end, too. Congratulations on being "gramma" a 3rd time now! Yay! We were so glad to be able to meet him and see you all again. Love & prayers for you and all the family.